Tutjak Kayak
Fiberglass and carbon sea kayaks
made in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

A craftsmanship acquired over more than 20 years

Tutjak Kayak is a Canadian manufacturer of fiberglass and carbon fiber sea kayaks. Our sea kayaks come from the expertise of a passionate man who has tested over a hundred combinations of fabrics to create a composite that achieves high maneuverability, performance, and lightweight.

Custom-made sea kayaks

As they are custom-made, you won’t find our kayaks in commercial chains like Costco, Canadian Tire, Sail or MEC. When you order your kayak, you will have the ability to choose the colors and the options that fit you. You will also get a delivery date that will allow you to plan your tours and adventures with your Tutjak Kayak.

A long-life relationship with Tutjak Kayak

The after-sales service ensures a follow-up that meets the expectations of our customers according to our commitment to providing the best possible quality products. Since we use high-quality material to build our sea kayaks, we are a proud retailer of parts and accessories of Kajak Sport, Sealect Design, Seattle Sports, Atlan, and Kayak Ideal.